Bharat Interface for Money -BHIM

The Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) mobile app launched on 30th December 2016 in order to make our digital money transaction fast.Bhim app is one for all app.You can use upi address by creating address or mobile number for sending and retrieving money.Itis very simple to use.Users need only to learn how to operate smart phones as it designed for smart phone.One of the advantage is that here money is not added to any walete, that means bank to bank transaction directly.

Now lets check how to create account ,sending,retrieving of money using this application.

Install and open application.Then you can opt either English or hindi as your communication language.Give permission to all permission asking questions.You should put your bank registration sim card in first slot.It automatically get verified and rupees 1.50 credited from your account.You can also protect your account using 4 digit pin number.You can select your bank’s name from given list of banks.Then it will list your bank account details as we done mobile number verification.To set 4 digit verification code ,you have to done OTP verification by entering trailing 4 digits of atmcard.

You have to create UPI code.By default it will be your mobile number@upi. You can edit and use this address for sending and retrieval of money.Using mobile number or upi address you can send money to a receiver who has a upiaddress.Then app will details the details of receiver.By entering amount ,remarks and 4 digit security code you can send money.If money has been sent you will get a message as acknowledgement.If the receiver has’nt any upi address ,don’t worry you can sent money using mobile number.One of the main advantage of BHIM app is that it does’nt use any valet for money transaction.Transaction is done directly from one account to another.It can be termed as one app for all banks.