Split video and camera

Split video app lets you to capture double video and image on the same scene.It works only in android version mobilephones.It is a simpleapplication.It is very easy to surprise your friends with double rolls .If you are innovative, make double rolled illusion images and videos, share these funny moments with your friends.

You can capture video up to 30 seconds.
Self timer:You can preset recording time of video

Install and open application .In main interface you can find camera icon.You can change camera options to either photo mode or video mode.using toggle button you can change camera to selfi mode also.If you capture a vedio using this camera you can view it as left sided.Right side of the screen will appear blank.You can capture only 30 seconds lengthy vedio.After 30 seconds right side of the camera screen will appear.Set the back ground of the current vedio in such a way that back ground screen objects merges correctly and then record vedio.There are option to make flash ON and OFF, tmer to set recording time, to change between black and white color mode,to adjust transparancy between left side and right side of camera interface etc.After the completion of the vedio it automatically get saved in to the gallery.You can share it with your friends via facebook,whatsapp etc.