Opera Neon browser

The Opera Neon browsers offers you entirely different browsing experience with visual tabs ,speed dial tabs , split windows,simultanious access between two running files etc.It support both in windows and Mac operating systems.It’s main interface is so colorful and like a wall paper.So searching with neon browser gives us a lively experience.Tabs and other screen objects move and respond to you like real objects.That means you can push and pop them like 3D objects.

Main features include,
Colorful interface.
Split screen mode.
Pop out visual Tabs.
Speed dial button.
Lets learn more about neon browser.

Download and install the application. While installing remaining files automatically get added from internet.In main interface you can find text box for browsing. If you start browsing a small icon appear on right side of browser. If you click on this icon that web page automatically get minimised to that icon. You can again search another piece of data. You can make any number of tabs if required. Likewise you can add tabs of video on left side of the browser. It also lets you to watch video while surfing in facebook.You can do two surfing simultaneously. For that drag a minimised tab inside current running page and can be seen in splitted windows by selecting preference for left side or right side.You can capture screen shots of selected portion by simply click on camera icon.It automatically get copied to the gallery and can be shared via social networking sites.If you drag tab to centre you can make speed dialling icons.You can close all tabs by pressing cross marks provided with each icon.