Download manager with scheduling

We get so many free data in our daily life,but because of busy life we haven’t enough time to utilise it maximum.So this app android Download manager with scheduling offers you better utilisation of free data.

Now lets check how it works

First of all install and open application .In main interface of application you can see a + button.You can get in to an ordinary down loader by touching it.For that you just copy the link and paste it.But if you want to download a list of file you have to more.For that you should enter the website address in the browser.You can find browser option from menu.Like wise you can add a list of files to downloading queue.For automatic downloading within the given range of time you have to make some changes in the settings of downloader also.For that you have to open the settings of downloader.

You have to change it is applicable to wifi as well as all network connections. You can also set number of files that get downloaded simultaneously.You had better set it either as 2 or 3.If you enter large number your downloading process become extremely slow .You have to set downloading time.For that you can set a start time and end time in accordance with your free data time.When the preset time reaches your mobile automatically turnon data and download all the files listed and turnoff the data in end time.