Ezhuthaani Keyboard – Malayalam Keyboard for iOS

Apple offers support for different languages on the iOS but some languages have certain words missing in the dictionary which makes it complicated to use the auto-correct feature or the intuitive keyboard. In such a case, it is better to download a third party application which can offer you all those features. After browsing through the App Store, we came across an application which can fulfill all the needs of the person who is looking for a keyboard that supports Malayalam or Manglish. The name of the keyboard application is Ezhuthaani Keyboard and here are all the features of the app.

Features of Ezhuthaani Keyboard

• Basic Feature – So the basic feature of the app is that it is a third-party keyboard but it is a very reliable keyboard which has support in Malayalam and Manglish.
• Handwriting Support – You also get the support for Handwriting Keyboard with this amazing application as the keyboard has this feature integrated into it. This keyboard basically lets you draw the draw the letter on the screen and it converts your drawing to the Malayalam Letter.
• Predictive Text – Just like apple keyboard, the application offers you a predictive text which can provide you with word suggestions. The best part is that the application has integrated google suggestions as well.
• Different Layouts – You can use four different layouts while you are writing in Malayalam and that helps in adapting to the keyboard you are used to.
• Works Without Internet – There are many keyboards which require internet connection but Ezhuthaani Keyboard doesn’t require an internet connection.
• Secure Application – The application doesn’t send the data to any server so you can feel secure about whatever you write. Your privacy is not compromised while you are using this app.
• In-built Translator – Another feature of this application is that you can type the text in English and the inbuilt translator in the application will convert all the text to Malayalam.
• Troll Support – This application is also linked to the Troll which offers many funny photos and you can use these Trolls and share them with your friends. This adds fun to your regular keyboard.

Talking about the general review, the application has a received almost 85 reviews from the users and the overall rating of the application is 4.4 which is certainly a good rating. Over 80% of the reviews received by the application are 4-star and 5-star reviews which reinforce the fact that the application is very useful.
If you are running out of space on your iPhone then do not worry as the application takes just about 41 MB of space on your phone. In addition to this, the application can be installed on any iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch which is running on iOS 8.0 or any later version.
You can also download this amazing and innovative Keyboard on your iOS Device by following the download link mentioned below. The link will take you to Application Page on App Store