Google Photos – An Innovative Photo Album

The fact is that the in-stock album in Android is quite boring and it doesn’t offer a lot of features to the user. In such a case most of the people install third-party applications for their albums. These applications might not be reliable and there can always be an issue with the privacy. What if we tell you that Google recently launched an application for managing all your photos? This certainly draws your attention as the name of the developer is enough to guarantee you a long list of features and a lot of security in terms of your data. Let us now look at the features of Google Photos.

Features of Google Photos

· Storage Space – Storage space had always been an issue for the people but the best part about this application is that it offers you unlimited space on the cloud storage. You do not have to worry about running out of storage space ever if you install this application.
· Cloud Storage – Another amazing feature of this application is that you can easily free of the space on your phone by simply deleting the photos. This also gives you an advantage of creating a backup of the photos so that you do not end up losing your precious memories.
· Search for Photos – Until now, there was no way to search the photos but what if we tell you that the application lets you search for the photos by simply typing the name of the place or the person? Innovative, isn’t it?
· Photo Editor – The application also has a basic photo editor which enables you to edit the elements of the photo and in addition to this, you can also apply filters with help of the editor.
· Auto-Videos – With time, the application creates the collages and animations out of your photos.
· Smart Albums – The application auto-creates the album as per the people in them and as per the places so it becomes easy for you to browse the photos and share them with friends.
· Share Photos and Libraries – Google Photos also let you share the photos as well as albums with the people in nick of time. You can share the photos with any of the contacts in your phone. You can also cast your photos on a TV with help of Chromecast.
· Recall Beautiful Memories – As time passes, the application also shows you the memories and the photos from the same day.

Talking about the general review of the application, Google Photos have received almost 9.7 Million reviews and the application has an overall rating of 4.5 stars. The application has received over 8.5 Million 4 star and 5-star ratings. Apart from this, the application has been installed by over 1 Billion users.

The application is mostly compatible with the Android 4.1 and above but this may vary with the device as well. It is certainly one of the must-have application for anyone and you must surely install the application today to manage your photos in an innovative way. To install the application, click on the download link below.