SafeKiddo – An Innovative Parental Control Application

Are you constantly worried about your child spending time on the internet? Are you worried that he might access some of the restrict content which he should not be accessing? Well, almost every parent in this world is worried about the same thing but you do not have to worry about it anymore as we came across a parental control application for you. It is easy to implement this application and it will offer protection to your child on the internet. Let us now look at the features of this application

Features of SafeKiddo

• Digital Time – Today, one of the biggest concern is that the children are spending more time on the internet and that could be a real problem. This leads to poor concentration and the impact is significant on the grades. With help of this application, you can control the internet access time and the application usage time for your kids. The best part about this feature is that you can set different time duration for different days of the week and it all works automatically.
• Site Blocking – Do you want to keep the child away from social networking site or any other site specifically? Well, this is possible with SafeKiddo as the application would let you block the specific website and it is quite easy to block the website. If the child wants to access the website then he would have to request the access from you.
• Multiple Profile – The application enables you to create multiple profiles and this way you can manage the device or the internet for different kids. So for example, if your daughter needs a longer internet access for her project than your son then you can simply create two profiles and set different time durations for them.
• Content Control – The application also makes it possible to block a certain type of content. For example, you can block the sites with games or you may block the sites which have any material in regards to alcohol, drugs, violence, gambling, and sex. This can also be altered as per the age of the child.
• Safe Search – The application also enables the safe search mode for all the search engines so that the child doesn’t come across any inappropriate search result.
• Detailed Report – The application also sends you the report of the activities of the child. The report would contain the details of the browsing log.

By now you would surely be convinced about the fact that the application is really helpful in protecting the child. If you want to try this application then you can download the trial version of the application and in addition to this, the cost of the application caries from $5.95 per quarter to $22.95 per quarter. The only difference between these packages is the number of the device that you can use the application on.
You can download this application on Android, Windows and Apple device and in addition to this, you can click on the download link below to initiate the download and start with the trial version of the application.